Belated update: we won again!

Oops! How time flies when you don’t have to work on planning applications… Back in early December we found ourselves again in the position of having to defend the award-winning Oxley Woods estate against Taylor Wimpey’s sub-standard proposals for the remaining undeveloped areas of land. Planning officers from MK Council had recommended refusal, but only […]


Great news from earlier this evening – Milton Keynes Partnership voted unanimously to refuse the Taylor Wimpey planning application! Committee members had visited the estate this afternoon before the meeting. They made positive reference to this in their comments, stating that the experience of seeing the site had made the case for refusal even stronger. […]


So now it is official. Planning officials at Milton Keynes Partnership have today recommended that the Taylor Wimpey / CMYK proposals for the completion of Oxley Woods be refused planning permission. Milton Keynes Council Development Control Committee will give their views of the proposals on Monday 20th February, and we expect them to back the […]

RSH+P back Oxley Woods residents

Oxley Woods residents had a busy time over the Christmas break, scrutinising the new Taylor Wimpey proposals and spotting many inaccuracies and omissions.We also met with planning officials to¬†ask questions about the planning process. In the course of our discussions, we picked up that it had been suggested to planning officials that the original architects […]

Wimpey rule out RSH+P, want “committee of two” to negotiate plans

Residents of RSH+P designed multi-award winning development Oxley Woods have today received a staggering letter from house builders Taylor Wimpey, outlining their plan to placate residents and steam-roller through their plans to ditch the much fought for, and highly acclaimed RSH+P eco-homes in favour of CMYK penned alternatives. The letter, attached below, suggests interested residents […]